When was the last time you went exploring?  A journey or a destination that really grabbed your attention; or a meal that really turned your head.  In modern times, travel and food are synonymous with big explorations: new culture, new people, new experiences and new cuisine.

This is what we are currently building at Sereneti with the pairing of Cooki, our robotic chef, and Foodi, our food ecosystem. A chance to remove the barrier of an amazing worldly meal without needing to travel or locate a restaurant. Join us as we explore the world of food, and what meals have changed what a meal means to us. We will sit down with some local chefs to pick their brains about what truly constitutes a balance between healthy and tasty. Have a great food story to share? Let us know at info@sereneti.com And as always explore with us through Facebook and Twitter. Check out what we are building over on our YouTube channel and help us grow by being a part of our community.

Here's to Exploration through food and more courses to come! 


Tejas Bahulkar (Engineer)

Tejas is passionate about the intersection of food, health, and technology. At Sereneti, he brings in his experience in embedded systems engineering at some of the world's top technology institutions, and applies it to help solve a problem that is increasingly present in today's society - enabling busy people to lead a healthy lifestyle by making it convenient to eat freshly cooked wholesome food.

Timothy Chen (CEO)

Tim spent the last decade with a forward thinking company that is redefining robotics in healthcare. Having led a variety of projects domestically and internationally, Tim has a keen eye for observing human-robot interactions. While traveling abroad, Tim always finds the most authentic places to have a local meal. By combining his love for food and robotics, Sereneti has become a passion of his unlike any other, to make food healthier, tastier, and more affordable than ever before.

Corrigan Nolan (Engineer)

Corrigan is obsessed with consumer product design, technology, and dad dancing. He has worked as a design engineer for kitchen appliances since the beginning of his career to make products people love using. His research in human-computer interaction is in effort to further our understanding of how technology and people can best complement each other. His work at Sereneti is a further amalgamation of his drive to leverage technology to increase the quality of life for everyone.

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